DSA powers solutions


Cloud Digital Signage CMS Service that can be accessed from any web browser and allows the user to manage content across a player network of any size – at the click of a button.

DSA Hardware & Software Products

DSA is a new product family leveraging Google Services and Android Devices.

DSA Player allows centrally controlled content to play on in-store demonstration devices.

The DSA Cloud Service is accessible from any web browser.

DSA Player is a specialized application designed for Android phones, tablets and mini PCs.


Cloud Network Digital Signage Solution
on Android Devices

Access DSA Service
from any browser

User Interface

Upload Pictures, Videos
or HTML5 Content

Software Support

and much more...

  • Create playlists and target devices
  • Manage 100’s or 1000’s of devices
  • Interactive Kiosk Support
  • SaaS or perpetual player licences
  • User Management Support
  • Configurable UI (branding)
  • Straightforward playlist structure
  • Media Gallery Management
  • Player control & monitoring
  • Flexible content scheduling

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