DSA Overview

The DSA Service is a digital signage solution comprising a Web User Interface (UI), Cloud Service and Android Player. Users manage content and devices using the Web UI. Playlists and media are uploaded to the cloud and distributed to internet connected players. Players download scheduled content from the service, store media locally and play. Background control services include player metrics, remote screenshot and software update.

DSA is a cost effective highly scalable way to network large numbers of diverse Android platforms. Users can deploy a DSA player appliance (connecting to any screen) or install the DSA player software on any Android device from phones and tablets to smart screens and Android Set Top Boxes.

For the more technically minded the DSA service is hosted in the Amazon Cloud using EC2 and S3 Cloud Storage. The DSA service is further enhanced with direct player control using the Pushy Messaging Service. For the user this means the DSA Service is built on industry standard cloud service, providing a high degree of reliability and scalability.

DSA Overview New

To deploy DSA to your screen assets :

  • Install an internet connected DSA Player (either our DSA Appliance or a third party Android device with our player App
  • Purchase a DSA player licence * Open a DSA user account at www.dsa-cloud.net
  • Register your licence in your account and on your player
  • Upload content, create playlists, send to player(s)